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Commercial Maintenance: What is it and how will it benefit your premises?

If you own or manage a commercial building, ensuring it is safe and functional will be extremely important to you. Cost effectiveness is another key consideration, which is why commercial maintenance is invaluable for you – and your business. You want your premises to be worth the investment and to serve you well today and in the future.

Here on the SJG Maintenance site, we focus on building maintenance and why it will benefit your premises. We also run through the various types of maintenance services available. Read on…

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What is commercial maintenance?

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To keep everyone safe – including employees, clients, and the public – properties that are not designed for domestic use will need to be maintained by a commercial maintenance company.

Effectively maintaining your commercial property doesn’t just make sense for you and your business – it’s the law. By looking after your premises, you will be protecting your employees and anyone who visits your site. You will also be protecting yourself against a possible future lawsuit.

Covering every aspect of your building – both internally and externally – building maintenance, also known as planned maintenance, can give you the peace of mind you need when you are running a premises that is used by many. It covers regulatory compliance, which focuses on health and safety legislation and ensures your facilities are compliant with relevant laws.

Internal maintenance includes ceilings, floors, walls, plumbing and electrical installations, focusing on any failings in the above which could halt or hinder your day-to-day operations. External maintenance, meanwhile, covers planned and reactive maintenance and includes anything related to the structure of the building – roofing, windows, guttering and doors, for instance. It can also include car parks.

Heating and cooling systems (such as air conditioning systems) must also be regularly – and safely – maintained – to keep employees and clients safe, while fire suppression also falls under the remit of commercial maintenance companies like SJG Maintenance.

Commercial Maintenance: Why it Makes Good Business Sense

You’ve worked hard to successfully set up and run your business, which means you will probably want to ensure your commercial assets can perform at their best. You will also want to make sure your commercial premises look good and is fit for purpose – i.e. well designed, easy to navigate and, above all, safe.

Planned maintenance companies such as ours are on hand to ensure your employees are safe. Offering a professional service and ensuring minimal downtime to your daily operations, our team can provide anything from regular maintenance to reactive maintenance.

Services include small works, groundworks, repairs, installation, painting, relocating, or reconfiguring your offices, general maintenance, ‘odd jobs’ like installing blinds and replacing bulbs, and carpentry. You may think you can manage your own commercial building, but this can quickly lead to big problems – after all, do you have adequate time to deal with any issues, on top of everything else on your to-do list?

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Time-poor business owners may instead choose to outsource the work, allowing buildings such as offices, warehouses, industrial plants, and retail outlets to continue performing at their best.

Are there different types of commercial maintenance?

Commercial maintenance isn’t a one-size-fits-all service; you can choose from four different types to ensure your building can benefit from the cover it needs.

The four types of commercial maintenance include:

  • Protective maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Maintenance of plumbing and electrical installations
  • Regular inspections/routine repairs
  • Grounds maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look at what each type of commercial maintenance entails…

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Protective Maintenance

Certain elements of your building may require protective coatings to ensure they are more than ready for rust – caused by adverse weather conditions, for example.
Often, cleaning and repainting will give your premises a new lease of life. Of course, neither will help where structural damage is an issue. Beams, pillars, staircases, and entrances may need some extra TLC, with protective maintenance the go-to commercial maintenance type for longer-term protection.

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Regular Inspections / Routine Repairs

Your commercial maintenance company is on hand to complete regular inspections and routine building repairs, should you decide to go down this route. This can work in much the same way as preventative maintenance, helping to nip any issues in the bud with a view to saving you money in the long run. Such routine repairs include everything from changing lightbulbs to replacing filters on air conditioning units, or even greasing the bearings on vital pieces of machinery.

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Maintenance of Plumbing and Electrical Installations

Electrical and plumbing systems must be installed and maintained by licenced professionals; it’s the duty of the building owner or manager to ensure that this is the case. Checking these systems regularly, commercial maintenance companies like ours can provide you with an up-to-date record of compliance.

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Preventative Maintenance

Some companies choose to put a host of measures in place to avoid such issues as rust. Preventative maintenance will be useful for those who want to plan for every eventuality for their commercial premises, with commercial maintenance companies carrying out a full inspection survey before they complete any necessary work.

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Grounds Maintenance

Alongside internal maintenance, we also offer a wealth of services which fall under external maintenance. Ground maintenance by SJG Maintenance covers landscaping, maintaining car parks – including fixing vital equipment – and more. Chat to us about how we can ensure your outdoor space makes a great first impression on your commercial premises.

What does commercial maintenance cover?

Alongside maintaining the building itself, commercial maintenance also covers the machinery and equipment on the premises. It might also include any other work areas within the commercial facilities, such as breakout areas for staff, for example.

Choose a commercial maintenance company like SJG Maintenance and you can rest assured that all your assets – and your premises itself – will comply with relevant laws.

Can you get by without commercial maintenance?

Sure, you could maintain your building yourself – or you could employ a different contractor for each issue that crops up. Will doing so meet health and safety laws, though – and wouldn’t you prefer to be prepared, rather than waiting until something happens before you contact the necessary maintenance contractor?

While some companies may see commercial maintenance as a big expense, others will know that the benefits are worth their weight in gold. Offering increased safety for your employees, commercial maintenance can also reduce work-related accidents while protecting the value of your building.

Why wait until something happens – after all, doing so can mean a hefty repair bill. A commercial maintenance company can help you avoid large bills and reduce the risk of any insurance claims being rejected, due to improper maintenance of your building or its equipment.

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Your Retail or Hospitality Chain: Partnering with SJG Maintenance

Do you own a string of national restaurants, coffee shops, or similar hospitality or retail premises? We make essential maintenance on your portfolio of properties smooth and stress-free, partnering with you and becoming a single point of contact.

Completing vital work to ensure your venues can tick over effectively and safely, we offer a host of services you can benefit from.

Contact SJG Maintenance Today…

Want to know more about facility maintenance or grounds maintenance from SJG Maintenance? Perhaps you are keen to learn more about partnering with us for essential work on your retail or hospitality chain? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team, who will be keen to answer any of your questions about your office, warehouse, or other commercial space.

Whether you need someone to inspect your premises and its equipment to see what issues may arise in the future, or you would like our workforce to complete vital maintenance now, get in touch today.

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