Garden Clearance

How is your garden looking? If you’re ready to move out or simply getting ready to overhaul your outdoor space to give it a new lease of life, chat to the team here at SJG Maintenance.

Garden clearance is one of the most sought-after services, especially in the summer when homeowners spend more time outside critiquing every last inch of their space.

Perhaps you’re ready for a new shed and need someone to take the old one away. Or maybe you’ve been hard at work weeding and don’t fancy taking piles and piles of dead flowers and shrubs to the dump.

Whatever your reason for calling on our team at SJG, we’re more than happy to help. Let’s take a closer look at some of the garden clearance services we offer:

Plant bed maintenance
Trimming/cutting back overgrown hedges
Rubbish removal
Grass and leaf clearance
Clearing long grass
Trimming borders
Clearing shrubbery
Removal of plants, shrubs and pruning your overgrow garden

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Why choose SJG Maintenance?

With years of industry experience, our team can help you with a wealth of garden clearance projects. Removing and recycling your waste, we also offer advice on how to prevent your garden overgrowing in the future.After all, once your garden has undergone the SJG Maintenance treatment, you’ll want to ensure it stays looking neat and tidy.

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Our Local Gardening Team

The team here at our Warwickshire company is made up of handymen who have spent years in the industry.You’ve probably landed on this page because you’re local to Warwickshire – and if that’s the case, you can benefit from the fact that our friendly and reliable team won’t be too far away to tend to your garden and its clearance needs.Our purpose-built trailers help our team remove all your waste in an efficient and timely manner – and you can be sure that everything will be disposed of correctly. We also take care to recycle, where possible, and SJG Maintenance is a registered and licenced waste carrier.What that means for you is you can be sure you’re getting a professional – and environmentally-friendly – service. We’re proud to be an upper tier waste carrier, broker and dealer and we hold a Certificate of Registration under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.

Why Choosing Us is Better Than Clearing Out Your Garden Yourself

Garden clearance – especially when it is done properly – is no mean feat. You may think it takes mere hours to clear a garden of rubbish or plants but depending on how much debris you need to get rid of, it could take much longer.That’s where our garden clearance service comes in. We can get the job done while you’re at work –
if you’re happy to give our team access to your outdoor space.We’ll tidy as we go and everything will be complete by the time you arrive home, meaning that’s one less thing for you to worry about doing.Garden clearance may not be quite as expensive as you imagined, too – why not get a no-obligation quote from our team and we can go from there?Of course, you could tackle the job yourself, but when you’re in the office five days a week, the last thing you’ll want to do on your weekend off is to put in a hard day’s graft in your garden. Instead, we can take care of it for you, so your garden is ready to enjoy.

Garden Clearance

We Take On Domestic and Commercial Projects

We don’t just clear out the gardens of domestic properties; we can also help with larger scale commercial projects, doing everything from cleaning out gutters to removing and recycling waste.

What Our Clients Say About SJG Maintenance

Want to know what our clients say about our service? We have lots of testimonials from happy customers, as well as a bursting portfolio of work. Just click the ‘garden maintenance’ tab on our site to see what jobs we’ve been working on lately.

To read what our customers are saying about us, head to our Facebook page to see the ‘Reviews’ section. Over there, you’ll find plenty of testimonials from our past clients.

If you’re not sure whether SJG Maintenance is the partner for you, perhaps the kind words from our previous customers will give you an indication of how we work together as a team to complete your project.

For us, no job is too big or small and we take great satisfaction in transforming your garden in any way you’d like. Some people want help clearing out old shrubbery and plants, while others come to us for advice on how to keep their garden looking tidy.

It isn’t just garden clearance work we can help with; we can also do house clearance – just get in touch with our team if you’d like us to tackle the inside of your home as well as the outside.

Plus, our garden services also extend to everything from the installation of fences to custom-built gates. In short, our team can transform your garden – and not just by clearing it out.

Get in Touch With Our Team to Learn More

Ready to get started? Allow us to breathe new life into your outdoor space.

It starts with a free quote, and we can take it from there if you’re happy with our price and the timeline we provide for completing your work. While we have a loyal client base and plenty of work on the go, we will try to fit your project into our diary as soon as possible.

We understand that once you’ve set your heart on sprucing up your space, you won’t want to wait long to see some progress. So, chat to us today about our services and we’ll be happy to book you in.

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Are you ready to get a no-obligation quote? Get in touch with our team today; we’re more than happy to see how we can help lighten your load in your garden or elsewhere.

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