Garden Clearance

We’re more than happy to help you with your Garden Clearance requirements. We will remove and recycle your green waste as part of the service. And can offer friendly advice on how to prevent your garden from overgrowing in the future. Our service includes….

Our service includes….

  • Full garden clearance
  • Maintenance of Plant Beds
  • Trimming and cutting back of overgrown hedges
  • Grass, leaf and rubbish clearance
  • Clearing down of all long grass and shrubbery
  • Weeding and trimming of borders
  • Removal of specific plants and shrubs if required
  • Pruning of overgrown trees that block your view
  • And much more

We have purpose built trailers to remove all of your waste in a professional and timely manner. Everything is disposed of correctly and recycled where possible, SJG are registered and licensed waste carriers.

Our garden clearance projects.

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