We’re delighted to offer you a wide range of professional gardening services to keep your garden looking beautiful and healthy all year round. We understand how much your outdoor space means to you, which is why we take great care in ensuring our services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our gardening services cover everything from basic garden maintenance to more intricate landscaping work. Let us take the burden off your shoulders, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your garden.


We understand that lawn maintenance can be a time-consuming task. That’s why our professional mowing service ensures your lawn looks pristine all year round. Our experienced team uses high-quality equipment to provide a clean, sharp cut, leaving your garden looking neat and tidy.

Pond Removal After
weeds ready to be removed by a gardener


Weeds can quickly take over your garden, choking out your plants and ruining your garden’s aesthetic appeal. Our weeding service ensures that we remove any weeds, ensuring they don’t grow back. We use eco-friendly products to control weeds, ensuring the health of your plants and the environment.

Hedge trimming

A well-trimmed hedge can transform the look of your garden, giving it a neat and tidy appearance. Our professional hedge trimming service ensures that your hedges are trimmed to perfection, leaving your garden looking well-groomed and beautiful.

Beautiful Garden 1
New Shed

Fences and sheds erected or repaired

We understand that fences and sheds play a vital role in keeping your garden secure and organized. Our experienced team can install or repair your fences and sheds, ensuring they’re sturdy and long-lasting.

Patios and driveways cleaned

Over time, patios and driveways can become dirty and unappealing, detracting from the overall beauty of your garden. Our professional cleaning service uses high-pressure cleaning techniques to remove any dirt, grime, or moss, leaving your patios and driveways looking as good as new.

Patio After Cleaning
New Decking After

Decking varnished

Decking is an excellent addition to any garden, providing an area for relaxation and entertainment. However, it can quickly become weathered and worn without proper maintenance. Our decking varnishing service ensures that your decking is protected from the elements, leaving it looking beautiful and long-lasting.

Monthly maintenance plans arranged

Our monthly maintenance plan is the perfect solution for busy homeowners who want their garden to look beautiful and well-maintained all year round. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your unique needs and budget.

Privacy Fence 3
Beautiful Garden Planter


Our planting service offers you the opportunity to create a stunning garden that’s bursting with life and colour. We’ll help you select the best plants for your garden, taking into account your unique requirements and preferences.

Fruit Trees

Growing fruit trees in your garden is a great way to enjoy fresh, home-grown produce. Our experienced team can help you select the best fruit trees for your garden, ensuring they’re well-maintained and produce delicious fruit for years to come.

Lush fruit tree from SJG Maintenance
Raised Garden Beds

Raised Bedding

Raised beds are an excellent solution for those with limited space, providing a perfect environment for growing vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Our experienced team can help you design and install raised beds that are functional and visually appealing.

Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden provides an excellent opportunity to grow your own fresh produce, ensuring that you always have healthy, delicious ingredients on hand. Our experienced team can help you create a kitchen garden that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Kitchen Garden

In summary, our gardening services are designed to keep your garden looking beautiful and healthy all year round. We take pride in offering a friendly but professional service, ensuring that we meet your unique requirements and preferences. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your garden into the beautiful outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of.

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